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The Mobile technology has taken center position in today’s world; companies are wishing to make significant advancements in the space of mobiles. As mobile technology helps to stay connected round the clock, they are moving beyond the world of desktop to meet their customer’s requirements.

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We provide solutions for mobile/PDA application that help companies to communicate with their clients through custom devices of mobile. Leveraging our technological background and industry intelligence, we design and develop applications of mobile that are user-friendly and facilitate quick and easy processing of data.

We have developed Windows based mobile application customized iPhone based mobile application, and Java based mobile application solutions.

Creative3Studio offers niche services on offshore custom mobile application development, Mobile Consulting and outsourced product development and implementation. It also Analyzes mobility landscape of the customer, suggests a mobility roadmap and executes solution development plan for your mobile. It helps its customers make sense of wide range of choices in the space of handheld technology and the Mobile Phones/PDAs market, crystallize solution needs, choose right hardware and design, build, test and roll out effective solutions of hand-held technology.

Its enterprise mobility consulting supports customers’ to know their own processes of business, technology landscape and its workforce and business requirements in context with Mobility. It provides its customers a perspective of their existing leverage of mobility and the unexplored opportunity. It also helps its customers formulate a roadmap of mobility, and help them navigate through the constantly changing mobile sphere and recommend innovations by highlighting good business practices. Finally, it develops mobile solutions around the client’s requirements using its optimized software development approach in design, development, testing and release.

Creative3Studio has served its customers in different industries like Market Research, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail , Banking and have executed across many platforms such as Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, J2ME, BREW and Palm.