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//Another Test Mailchimp TEST post

Another Test Mailchimp TEST post

Mypillow is constructed using shredded polyfoam and the cover is made from 100% organic cotton. Polyfoam is similar to memory foam, they are both made from the same compound (polyurethane). Shredded polyfoam is a type of polyfoam that has been cut into smaller prices. This is done to enhance breathability and easy reshaping into desirable form. Polyfoam unlike memory foam does not have viscoelastic property, it does not have a quick bounce back response. Polyfoam is an excellent material for both support and comfort.

The cover is made from cotton. Cotton is an organic material gotten from plant. Cotton is known to be comfy, soft and fluffy. Pillows made from cotton are known to be soft and have a very comfortable feel. Cotton is hypo-allergic, therefore sleepers even with skin infection or skin allergies can use pillows made of cotton cover without experiencing any problem. Cotton is a very breathable material, it helps sleepers to sleep cool.


Pillows made from polyfoam are known to be fluffy and have a cushy feel. The pillow has 4 different firmness options which are all indicated differently with a color. The firmness option ranges from soft to medium firm. Customers can select the firmness option that best suits their sleeping position.MyPillow has good conformity, although it does not have good pressure relief. The pillow has good temperature neutrality, it does not sleep hot and sleepers will enjoy a good night rest even in a hot weather condition. The pillow is not too heavy, therefore it is easy for sleepers to carry the pillow easily as they sleep for one place to another. MyPillow is a comfortable pillow that provides a soft feeling to sleepers regardless of the firmness option.


The pillow has four firmness options. The firmness options are differentiated by color. Yellow color is the soft firmness level, while blue color if for firm option. The white and green option is for medium and medium firm option. Different sleepers have different sleeping positions. Side sleepers will enjoy sleeping on a firm pillow. Side sleepers sleeping on a firm pillow will get enough support from the pillow, the weight is distributed throughout the body and pressure will not fall on the neck alone. Stomach sleepers will also find it more suitable to sleep on a soft mattress. The medium and medium firm option can be used by all types of sleepers. Shredded polyfoam provide good support to sleepers, the pressure will not fall on the neck. Customers can choose the best firmness option while they are ordering for the pillow on the company’s website. The pillow is not only fluffy but also provides comfortable support for sleepers to get a wonderful night rest.


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